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Affordable Quality

When looking for a photographer or photographic studio, there are lots of (excellent!) choices out there. Some photographers specialize in different kinds of events and commissions. Others have their own unique styles, or utilize specific techniques. And there are those that offer all sorts of cool ‘packages’, and if you hire them you can expect to receive gorgeous high-end photo albums, extra ‘coverage’ at some aspect of your event, artsy photo montages, or maybe even a bonus studio session with the photographer.

But what if you don’t need any of that, and you just want nice pictures at a reasonable price?

Unfortunately, when it comes to price, there’s not enough choice. That’s because if you need to hire a photographer, choosing quality means paying a fortune. And choosing price means a photo shoot at the mall, or with your old roommate’s brother’s buddy who’s really awesome at Instagram. Why should you have to choose between extremes? Shouldn’t there be some way to strike a balance between quality and affordable prices?

I offer high-quality photographic services at prices you can afford.


  • My pricing isn’t based on “bundles” or “packages,” so you don’t end up paying for anything more than precisely what you want. In fact, my entire business is entirely à la carte, so the only “package” you’ll pay for is the one you create yourself.
  • I keep it simple. Sometimes, you want a photographer who shoots your event with a team of assistants, loads of flashes and lighting umbrellas, and meets you hours before your event to shoot every possible combination of group portraits. Or you might want to get your portrait taken against a variety of studio backdrops, with all sorts of artsy lighting techniques.

    If that’s what you’re looking for, I’m not your guy.

    My photographic style is all about simplicity. That saves you money (since I don’t have to pay assistants or maintain a studio), and it’s a good fit for clients who want great photos without much fuss.

  • I’m not a photography snob. All photographers have their own sense of style and point-of-view, and I’m no exception. But when you hire me to shoot your event, to take photos for your website, or to capture your kids’ smiles, it’s your style that matters.

    Don’t worry — I’m glad to advise, and to offer my expertise and experience. But I won’t make you pay for my time unless it’s being spent creating the photos you want.

  • I don’t select clients based on how much they’re prepared to spend. I decided to do this professionally because it excites, invigorates, and inspires me. Losing that sense of excitement would defeat the purpose. As a result, when deciding whether to work with a potential client, I’d rather work with the one that pushes me to create something awesome, or that gives me a chance to work with cool people. I don’t simply pick the clients who represent the most earning potential.
  • I don’t make money by marking up “extras.” A lot of photographers offer products like prints and albums at costs that are astronomical. Partly, that’s because quality printing costs more than getting copies made at your local drugstore. But it’s also because preparing digital files to be properly printed requires a lot of time and expertise, and photographers (understandably) take a cut (and then some, in some cases) for the added effort.

    My business model doesn’t work that way.

    I’m totally transparent about the charges for any time I dedicate to image retouching and file prep. If you’d like high-quality prints made, we’ll discuss any cost for file prep, and for the prints themselves, I’ll charge you exactly what the lab charges me without padding the prices (and I’m glad to give you a copy of the printing bill to prove it).

  • Your photos are your photos, so getting ahold of them doesn’t cost extra. If you hire me to be your photographer, I’m working for you. If you want digital files, you can have them. Since I don’t make extra money from prints, I don’t need to charge you an enormous fee if you want your files on disk. The only cost to you is for any time I put into processing your photos, if that’s something you want. (And if you want to handle the image processing yourself, you can have the images as I shot them.)

    For clients who want to retain full copyright and licensing rights to their photos, I can provide documentation granting you ownership. (My pricing structure differs slightly for those sorts of arrangements, but it’s still insanely affordable. Drop me a line and we can discuss your specific needs.)

Interested? Contact us today to create a photography package that fits your budget.