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Event Photography

Event photography requires preparedness, grace under pressure, a great eye, and a high level of expertise with equipment. Photographers without those qualities are destined to fail at event photography — things just move to quick, and it’s too easy for an inexperienced photographer to be out of position, or to get their camera settings wrong.

I’ve spent years becoming a great event photographer. (It helps that I love the excitement of shooting events.) That means you’re guaranteed to get great photos that capture all the important aspects of your family, organizational, or corporate event.

But my experience has also taught me that shooting events is about more than great pictures. It’s about paying attention in order to get a real sense of what’s happening. Great event photos tell a story, and help you remember what it felt like to be there, even if you’re looking through an album years later. (Poor event photos are just snapshots. Or worse: Boring posed photos that feel artificial and lame.)

Bris / B’nai Mitzvah / Simchas

I specialize in bar mitzvahs (b’nei mitzvah, to use the Hebraically-correct term), bat mitzvahs (b’not mitzvah), and other Jewish events. There are lots of photographers who shoot bar and bat mitzvahs, but I can’t imagine there are very many who know what it’s like on the “inside.” I’ve worked in and around synagogues for many years (including running religious schools and training bar/bat mitzvah students), and that experience helps my “eye” for photography at bar/bat mitzvah services, britot milah (“brises”) and baby namings, synagogue events, and other simchas. (They’re also some of my favorite events to photograph.)

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Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Baby Naming / Bris


Other Events